Welcome to the GENERATORprinthouse

GENERATORprinthouse is a digital platform that aspires to stimulate critical discourse surrounding the visual arts , especially within Dundee.

Running from August 26th to the 22nd September, GENERATORprinthouse will be considering the significant role of the printing press, for the introduction of mass communication to the rapid developments in globalised digital media, through the posed question…

With an emphasis on the visual arts, what is the current role of digital & analogue media?

With the intention of initiating some prospective answers, GENERATORprinthouse will begin by hosting PRINTtalks, a live speakers programme and collating responses from multi-disciplinary contributors. This will be followed by guest editors working alongside a team of invited artists and writers to create a series of daily e-papers. And then, it is over to you!

Make use of the facilities provided here for you to add your response to this question, either directly or through example.


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